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Birthdate:Mar 30
Location:California, United States of America
As of writing this, I'm attempting to crawl out of the dungeon that depression pulled/pushed me into, with my help, of course. I'm trying to keep old friendships, and keep hope that new friendships will come in my future. I'm fighting with anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of worth, et cetera. All in all, I'm trying to figure out who I am.

Traditionally, I'd say I've been a mostly happy person, relatively outgoing, outspoken (read=LOUD), curious, intelligent, smiling, honest, caring, compassionate, joyful, and a whole lot of other adjectives that may or may not help in describing who I was, and hope I will be again.

Currently, the things I turn to in hopes of getting a smile or a happy feeling out of are, in no certain order: NCIS, slash fanfiction, music, my cat, my parents' dogs, my niece. Yeah, that last one is really probably first.

I doubt I'll share much of my personal thoughts here, at least in relation to my problems. Having said that, I know I will, as I already have. But I learned I can't share too much in fear of what that will do to my life and relationships. So, there will be some general what I call "info dump" just so I can get my thoughts out, but not much in the way of "poor me" like I've done in the past on my livejournal. And, my own fanfic, which will likely, for the foreseeable future anyway, only have to do with NCIS.

I will pretty much grant anyone access, provided they want it. And hopefully someday soon I will not be so serious and down all the time :)
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